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Structural Therapeutic Massage Therapy


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At B. Alex Massage we focus on structural massage therapy. With structural/therapeutic massage therapy,  you present your specific complaint and the therapist assess your current condition.  This will include taking a history, asking how long have you experienced the pain, whether the onset was sudden, how you experience the pain, etc.  The therapist will also observe the way you move, test your range of motion, and feel the tissue during the treatment for consistency and texture.   

Once the therapist has a good idea of your condition, a plan will be proposed for an approach to treatment. The actual massage, or treatment, is based on the assessment and the plan you have agreed to.  At the end of the treatment, you and the therapist will review your results.  Is the pain less?  Is there more mobility?  Has your posture improved? Based on the results, the therapist may recommend additional sessions.  An evaluation will take place at the end of each session to determine the continued course of therapy.  

Although this may sound very involved, an experienced B. Alex Massage therapist will do the assessment and propose a plan quickly.  You should experience some degree of relief in your very first session. 

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